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Bi-LED Projector for retrofit. 2.5" or 3.0'"


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Product specifications:
Product Wattage: 40w
Input current: 2.8A
Minimum input voltage: 9v
Maximum input voltage: 16v
Luminous flux: 3000Im
Color temperature: 6000k
Highest temperature Control:105°C
Lowest temperature Control:10°C

High and low temperature control function
When the chip temperature reaches 105 °C, it will actively reduce the power to prevent damage to the Chip.
When the temperature of the chip is lower than 10°C, the fan will stop working. After the temperature is increased, the fan will resume working.

What do you receive?
2x Bi-LED Projectors

2x bi-LED Drivers

8x Small Brackets for universal application. 

2 Years Warranty!

Improve your Safety!

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