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Volvo VNL Bi-LED Projector Retrofit Kit 2003-2017


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We all know that Volvo VNL trucks have a common issue, “poor headlights”.

Our Bi-LED Projector Kit For Volvo VNL is the best upgrade for your OEM headlights. Custom made brackets and wiring harness for easy installation.
Now you have the opportunity to replace only the bad part(projector) of your Headlight.
Keep your old Headlights Housing and replace the projector with all new PrimeLED Bi-LED projector Kit.

Please chose one from the options:

1. LED Projectors for low beam only.

2. LED Projectors with High/Low function + 9005/HB3 LED Bulbs for High Beam.


Product specifications:
Product Wattage: 40w
Input current: 2.8A
Minimum input voltage: 9v
Maximum input voltage: 16v
Luminous flux: 3000Im
Color temperature: 6000k
Highest temperature Control:105°C
Lowest temperature Control:10°C

High and low temperature control function
When the chip temperature reaches 105 °C, it will actively reduce the power to prevent damage to the Chip.
When the temperature of the chip is lower than 10°C, the fan will stop working. After the temperature is increased, the fan will resume working.

What do you receive?
2x Bi-LED Projectors
2x Mounting brackets
2x wiring harness( for low/high beam function)
Mounting hardware
2 Years Unlimited Miles Warranty!

Improve your Safety!

Please feel free to contact us with any other questions.