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HID Ballast with Ignitor D2S (Pair)


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* ASIC, highly integrated, more efficient and stable

* Copper+PET material package for input and output wires, high level quality, strong electromagnetic interference shielding function

* Precisely constant power output reaches ±0.5W, No matter the voltage from 8V-16V,the power always keeps 35W

* Smart canbus system - No error message & No extra canbus cable request.

* 2 Year Warranty

New released Q4S smart canbus hid ballast with ground wire to solve the radio issue


1. Input voltage: 9~16V
2. Starting current: ≥4A 13.5V
3. Steady Current: 13.5V 3.1A (35W)
4. Steady Time:≤ 10S
5. Output Power: 35W±1W
6. Starting Voltage: 23000V±3000V
7. Output Voltage: AC85±17V
8. Operation Temperature: -45℃~+105℃
9. Efficiency: ≥85%
10. Lifespan: >3500 hours
11. Anti-electromagnetic interference: S95/54/EC
12. Automatic protection for output open circuit/short circuit in 0.5 seconds
13. Reverse polarity protection
14. Shockproof, waterproof and dustproof