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PrimeLED XB Series 9005 / HB3


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PRIME LED  XtremeBrite Led Headlight Kit :

Vaccum red copper thermal tube& Thermoelectricity-separation copper substrate - Ensures that our LED headlight bulb maintains its 50,000 hour LED life.

XtremeBright headlight 2.5mm ultra-thin LED focus design-Realize maximum anti-glare, Ensure maximum no dark area.

With copper powder and distilled water of low boiling point, the vacuum tube transfer the heat to cold side, finish the fast&efficient heat dissipation.

Strong anti-interference, normal and stable work in the extremely complex electronic interference, does not affect the car audio, high power, small size

6000K @ 6800 lumens (13600 with two bulbs) generates clear white lighting with a touch of xenon blue.

Made to perfectly fit your stock headlights and plug directly into your OEM sockets. These bulbs are CanBUS-Ready and will work with any vehicle's computer system without error.


product information:

Size: 9005(HB3)

Power(W): 50W
Led Chip Brand: Automotive grade LED
Waterproof Rate: IP67
Material: Red cooper + Aluminum alloy
Cooling Principle: Integrated heat radiation structure and built-in high-speed fan
Lumen: 6800Lm
Lifespan :>50000 hours
Operating Temperature: -40C~+90C
Operating Voltage: DC 11-30V

Warranty: 2 Years