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PrimeLED XS Series Fog Light Headlight 9006


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PrimeLED XS Series: Small Size, No Fan, No Driver - Designed to fit in any headlight housing.

1.5mm between LED Chips, 3000 Lumens per bulb. 150% Brighter than original halogen bulb. Perfect for any Fog Light and Head Light application.  

CanBus. 360degree beam angle.  ATP-Advanced Thermal Protection with Cool-Out technology and Aviation Aluminum provide best in the industry cooling ability.

6-32V Engineered for maximum compatibility with   all DRL equipped SUVs, cars, trucks.  

XS Series are designed to fit any headlight and foglight housing. Only 1.5mm between LED Chips for proper distribution light and perfect beam pattern.<br>

  Equipped with Advanced Thermal Protection Circuit, these bulbs will reduce the power if temperature reaches 104 degree Celsius to prevent overheating and bulb failure. Automotive special designed LED Chip tested for over 2 years in our 55w XB Series, offer a crisp cool white light output, 3000 lumens per bulb, and provide and excellent beam pattern.


 LED Type: Automotive grade LED chips

 Output: 6000 Lumens per pair

 Color: 6000K

Waterproof: IP67

Wattage: 16W per bulb

Voltage: 6V-30V 

Non-Polarity: YES

PCB Material: Red copper

PCB Technology: Thermoelectric Separation Technology

Warranty: 2 Year